Pay Per Call Marketing – Call Your Way to Your Destination

The advertiser is the merchant or the web site owner who pays the network for their services. In this case the services refer to the act of sending traffic to the designated web site. The purpose of this is to purchase leads or generate them.  

These advertisers generate promotions for marketing. They are supposed to encourage and convince the prospective customer to reach out and make the phone call.  

Merchants describe the relevant specific key terms and the target location where the advertisement ought to appear. The campaign is created along with the name of the company, a short paragraph with description, and the traceable telephone number which is toll-free.  

The advertiser pays for all the phone calls that are connected to them through the specific searches on the web. The difference with pay per call marketing is that the call comes to them from the ad search as opposed to via click through to the web site. The costs are often higher in this scheme of things when compared to pay per click.  

The consumer is directly connected to the merchant. The call tracking software provides details such as recording of the call, location from where the call originated, and where the call was forwarded to.