Security solution for PC computers that is completely automatic and hands-free

TripTracer is a data recorder that doesn’t require a PC in the vehicle to capture travel data such as direction, speed, duration of stops, and addresses along the route passport x50 review. You get travel details for every city, every turn, every stop and it’s as simple as plugging in the TripTracer into your cigarette lighter and placing the GPs antenna on the dashboard. The stored GPs data is converted in to viewable and manageable files in your on-line TripTracer account cobra radar detector.

Data can be displayed in either table format or map format, both using the latest up to date maps available.

The Proxloq RFID is a security solution for PC computers that is completely automatic and hands-free. Proxloq is a hardware dependent RFID PC security solution that adds an extra layer of protection which software only security solutions cannot provide. Many companies are undertaking projects to secure their systems from the outside world, but what about internal users gaining access to unauthorized workstations. Proxloq solves this problem by automatically cobra xrs9370 locking the PC once the user has stepped away from their computers. When the user returns, Proxloq identifies them through their RFID transmitter and will automatically allow re-access without having to key in a password. It’s a well-known fact that hardware dependent security solutions provide higher levels of security and are more difficult to change than software only solutions.


  • Secures computer once user leaves proximity.
    • Easy no hassle automatic lock-out and re-access.
    • Dual mode transmitter/transponder: Active 5′ range/Passive 4″ range
    • Configurable for up to 25 users per workstation.
    • Portable security solution ideal for local work stations & traveling business executives
    • Idea for Financial, Government, Law, Engineering, High Secured Environments & Military

The RE-01 latching data outputs are TTL level (0 = Low = 0V,1 = High = 5V). The term latching means that whatever data sent to the data outputs remain on the output pins until new data are sent, even after the incoming transmission stops. Switches 9-12 must be “on” in order to use the RE-01 data outputs. If switches 9-12 are “off”, all data output wires will be disconnected from the data pins on the decoder IC, and no data will appear on the output wires. The momentary relay on the RE-01 board closes when a valid address is received, and unlike the data outputs, only remains active until the incoming transmission stops. Address bits are set according to the positions of switches 1-8. If an address switch is “on”, the corresponding address bit will be sent low. If an address switch is “off”, the corresponding address bit will be sent high. The RE-01 address switch settings must match the address switch settings of the compatible encoder board, TX-01 in order to achieve accurate data transmission beltronics sti magnum is great radar to buy. The RE-01 accepts a serial TTL level data input. This input should be connected to the data output on any RAYMING receiver board (RE-66 or RE-99). Power is supplied to the selected receiver by way of the 3-pin connector located on the RE-01.