Wireless communication technology and the Internet to provide Automatic Vehicle Location System

Simple, Easy-to-Use Interface Traveler’s interface includes simple icons and easy-to-understand menu commands that make using the program extremely easy. And if you ever need it dji phantom comparison, the Precision Mapping support staff is always just an e-mail away.
TripTracer II utilizes the latest in GPS, wireless communication technology and the Internet to provide Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS) for most anywhere within the US, Canada and Mexico*. Our tracking and locating solutions are easy to activate and even simpler to use with it’s graphic-oriented interfaces that make locating and tracking vehicles quick and informative.

Recorded vehicle history is viewable from best drones under 500 easy to read tables with links to detailed map views. For convenience, on-line accounts can manage single or multiple vehicles by simply adding or deleting them directly from their browser. Whether you have 1 or 100,000 vehicle we can provide a cost-effective solution to meet your tracking requirements.

Automation and powerful configuration ability is the key to TripTracer II’s popularity. Users have access to many of the unit’s standard programmable options, in addition to having custom factory settings enabled for a completely tailor-made device, which is cable of fitting cheap dji phantom into most any business or application imaginable. TripTracer II’s service plans are flexible too, set-up to meet your own personal budget and information needs.
Relax and reduce the anxiety associated with driving to an unfamiliar destination. TeleNav makes getting one point to another anywhere in the US as easy as following simple instructions.
Just like expensive GPS car navigation systems, TeleNav provides turn-by-turn GPS assisted directions. If you miss a turn, TeleNav recalculate a new route and guide you back on track. And best of all, it works right through your Java-enabled phone!
Rayming’s DKER-101 GPS Developer’s Kit is the easiest way to experiment and test GPS technology for your application. This kit contains everything you need to start receiving GPS data right out of the box.

Add your own off-the-shelf mapping software (NMEA compatible) and you’ll have a complete navigational GPS system able to pinpoint your exact position on earth in relation to the streets (or marine charts) depicted from your mapping software.

Rayming GPS boards are also available individual (non-kit form), in both serial output (ER-101) and TTL output (ET-101) configurations (ask your dealer for more details). These high quality engine boards utilize the SiRF Star-I chipset to provide multidirectional, 12-parallel channel support, which means that satellite tracking can be accomplished with very low signal strength because of high sensitivity from the Foliage Lock high speed quadcopter circuitry contained onboard. In addition to high sensitivity locking, “Single Sat Positioning” of the SiIRF format provides more position fixes in urban, canyon, and dense foliage environments than most other types of position methods.
Our engine boards with their superior design make them a suitable choice for most any application and with a wide range of input power supply ranges and the use of standard NMEA 0813 commands for easy programming, you won’t find a better GPS engine board solution.